Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hot!Mess Hot Stuff!?

I'm not exactly the biggest fashionista, but this event somehow has caught my eye!

I'm not really that big on fashion, I just tend to go with the flow - unlike most people my age. I can't explain why this caught my eye, but it did. It may just be the name of the label, it may be their colourful website or maybe even the fact celebrities are wearing this label a lot recently, but I am excited to go and experience this event. Not only because it's to do with clothes and celebrities, but it's something I can learn about. Learning about the industry seems exciting, even if I have no plans to enter it, after all there's nothing wrong with being in the know!
Hot!Mess must be good if a number of celebrities are wearing their label, from Cara Delevingne to Rizzle Kicks to Little Mix. This event looks to be a good un' and without a doubt I shall be attending.
Leah Stafford

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