Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Akala, MOBO award winning Hip-Hop Artist visited De Montfort University today as part of Cultural Exchanges week.

As a Shakespeare and a Hip-Hop fanatic I was over the moon when I heard he was there to wow the audience with his take on Shakespeare. 

Akala, the founder of 'The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company' started off with a little bit of audience participation, Shakespeare vs Hip-Hop - which was which? We had to guess whether the phrases were lyrics from rap songs or Shakespeare quotes. 

This was my favourite part of the event.

To follow was an insight into African History and Timbuktu. Now I know what you are all thinking, 'that's not a real place' and until earlier on today, so was I. 


Then the magic began and he began to perform.

 It was beautiful!

Shakespeare intertwined with Hip-Hop, a perfect end to a perfect show. 

Check him out, you'll be a fool not too: http://www.akalamusic.com/

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