Tuesday, 4 February 2014

An ordinary student.

I don't really know how to talk about myself, I find it silly. I'm nothing special, just an ordinary student trying to get a degree that interests me. (And to get a decent enough job to pay off all the debt)

I hate talking about myself, it's not that easy as you may think. Searching through your mind trying to find something interesting to say is difficult. There's not really anything interesting to say.

My names Leah, I'm nineteen, female and love to write. Like I said, nothing special.
I live in Leicester, my home will always be Chesterfield though no matter where I end up living.
I'm not your typical student, I don't go out every night getting hammered, just at the weekends.
I'm very family orientated and I like to talk, sometimes too much.
I've always been very career driven. It's kind of an advantage knowing what you want to do from an early age.

I've been writing for quite a while. I write many things from poems to reviews to short stories. Although I enjoy it, it's not as easy as it looks. I get inspiration from anything. Family, friends, memories and experiences mainly, although I do have a wide imagination which sometimes takes over. I've writen fiction and non fiction, poems about everything and many reviews. I've also written newspaper articles, that have been published, which I'm very proud of.

My favourite colour is black.
My favourite animal is a dog or polar bear.
My favourite food is Steak.
My favourite actors are Will Smith and Zac Efron.
My favourite book is P.S. I Love You.
My favourite TV Show is The Inbetweeners or Hollyoaks.
My favourite artist is Eminem. 

I want to be a writer. Whether it's writing stories, scripts, reviews, articles or poems, I just want to write. I get great pleasure out of writing. To be able to get a career out of doing something I love would be amazing, but I know I'll have to work to get where I need to be. 

I've been told one thing in life, since being a little girl and it's the motto I go by day by day:
Always believe in yourself, and others will believe in you. 

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